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2011 promotions/specials
This year any prepaid fertilizer program gets a free Aeration in fall!!!!
Sign up for a new Mowing program on a weekly schedule and get FREE FERTILIZER FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!!!!! YES THATS RIGHT, SIGN UP FOR A MOWING CONTRACT AND GET FREE FERTILIZER!!!!!!!!
Refer a friend and get a suprise gift certificate: $50.00,$100.00,$200.00!!!!!!
One lucky person who refers a new customer will recieve free mowing for a year!!!!!!
Support your local landscaper! Keep the money in the community and help the small personable guy who truly cares for your property show you what true landscaping should be! Organic,Beauty,aesthetics,symmetry,colors,what will it look like in 5yrs-10yrs, keep things happening may-october!  These are the simplest things that 90% of landscapers forget!!!
Would you let a stranger with no insurance,no office, no college degree handle your investments????? OF COURSE NOT   Then why let them handle your property( YOUR MOST PRIZED ASSET?)  Thats why Im/We are here!